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Mon-Sat. 8am to 6pm

Sunday 11am to 5pm


Open 7 days a week


We do

State Inspections

every day

(*see link to right for

New State Law Info*)


*Hours may vary depending on weather & daylight savings time.

If Carwash is closed due to Rain, Lube will be open unless extreme weather.





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State Inspections

7 days a week

As of March 1, 2015

New Texas State Law with Inspection stickers

83rd TX Legislature passed House Bill 2305, which replaces the current dual certification system for inspection and registration with one certificate, the registration decal.  This one decal will signify the vehicle has passed the required inspection and is currently registered in this state.  You will receive a piece of paper when you pass inspection to take to the registration office.   You still need to bring in a copy of your insurance in order to receive your inspection paper at time of inspection.

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FREE Shug's BBQ Sandwich

  FREE Shug's BBQ Sandwich 

with Full Service Oil Change




OIL CHANGES:   $36.99 up to 5 qts + $2.00 Shop Fee

Dexos Oil Change: $56.99 up to 5 qts + $2.00 Shop Fee

Diesel Oil Change: $77.99 up to 15 qts + $2.00 Shop Fee

Additional Synthetic Oil Charge:

Mobil 1      $45.00

Royal Purple/Amsoil   $55.00

Royal Purple/Amsoil (Diesel) $90.00

We do service on Big Rigs, Motorhomes, Service Trucks, Motorcycles, etc.

Many other types of oil offered.  If you need it we got it, if you want it we'll get it.


Flush: $129.99, Drain & Fill: $43.99, Gear Boxes: $38.99


STATE INSPECTIONS: $7.00 - you will pay the other half ($7.50) when you go to registration office (see state law info above)

Other Services

Brake Flush: $69.99

Power Steering Flush: $54.99

Serpentine Belt: $69.99 & up

Fuel Filter: $38.99 & up

Fuel & Emission Cleaning: $79.99 / Diesel $99.99

Wiper: $9.99 & up

Headlight Restoration $39.99 a headlight

Air Filters: $7.99 & up

Tire Rotate:  $25.00

Labor $85.00/hr.

Environmental/Shop Fee: $2.00


Our prices are approximate and are 

subject to change at anytime. 

Current or changed prices may not be

reflected yet on the website.