We cannot give a Detailing price estimate over the phone!  You must bring in your vehicle for Detailing estimate.  All depends on size and condition of your vehicle!



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Detail / A La Carte Items

*Super Clean - $35.95+

*Express Wax - $35.95+

*Carnuba Hand Wax (3 month) - $69.95+

*Premium Hand Wax (6 month) - $89.95+

*Paint Sealant (9 month / 1 yr) - $99.95+

*Carpet Shampoo - $59.95+

*Upholstery Shampoo - $59.95+

*Leather Cleaning/Conditioning - $59.95+

*Pro guard fabric protectant - $39.95+

*Engine degreasing & dressing - $35.95+

*Complete interior or exterior dressing - $18.95+

*Headlight restoring $39.95+ per headlight

*Truck bed cleaning - $10.00+

*Pet hair removal or extensive vacuuming $7.95 +

*Windows / Door Jams / Dash Dusting $5.00+

*Tire Dressing $5.00+

*Mat Cleaning - $3.95 each

*Prices are based on the assumption that vehicle is in reasonable condition.


FREE ESTIMATES ON THE FOLLOWING:  Boats, RV's, Motorcycles.  Wheel polish & restoration - Sap/Tar/Bug/Mud removal - Paint overspray removal - Clay detail (removes impurities from clear coat) - Compound buffing - Wet sanding (restoring paint) - Carpet dye - Windshield replacement/repair - Window Tinting - Ozone (clean air) treatment.

*Prices may vary on size and/or condition of vehicle*

*Prices may change at anytime and may not be reflected on website.

**As a reminder we are NOT responsible for items left in vehicle. 

It is best to remove all belongings from your vehicle before time of service.

 Customer responsible for personal belongings/valuables, bug guards, all antennas,

light covers, prior damage, luggage racks, loose moldings, non stock items.

Thank you!